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IC 2-5-16.1


Agenda for Oct. 27, 2022 01:30pm Room 130
Exhibit Description
1 PD3209 application priority for public benefts PDF icon
2 PD3211 nonresident personal representative waiver of bond PDF icon
3 PD3246 probate code technical corrections PDF icon
4 PD3278 insurance and transfer on death deeds PDF icon
5 PD 3282 distribution of revocable trust PDF icon
6 PD3283 deceased spouse unused election amount PDF icon
7 PD3284 confidential health disclosure order PDF icon
8 PD3286 premortem validation of wills and trusts PDF icon
9 PD3289 grantor trust reimbursement PDF icon
10 PD3297 venue for probate matters PDF icon
11 PD 3141 Living wills PDF icon
12 PD3243 small estate distribution notice PDF icon
Agenda for Oct. 6, 2022 01:30pm Room 130
Exhibit Description
1 PD 3141 PDF icon
2 Attorney General proposed legislation PDF icon
3 Probate Trust and Real Property Section of the Indiana State Bar Association Report PDF icon