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Name Description Status
SB 51 Call center worker and consumer protection. (S) First reading: referred to Committee on Pensions and Labor 51
SB 60 Management performance hub employees. (S) First reading: referred to Committee on Homeland Security and Transportation 60
SB 330 Mediation for state agencies and vendors. (H) First reading: referred to Committee on Rules and Legislative Procedures 330
HB 1093 Electronic document filing. (H) Public Law 39 1093
HB 1095 Contracts for emergency road repairs. (H) Public Law 16 1095
HB 1104 Housing and community development authority. (H) Public Law 17 1104
HB 1173 Indiana department of veterans' affairs. (H) Public Law 42 1173
HB 1174 Youth helmet safety. (H) Public Law 43 1174
HB 1348 State and local administration. (S) Senate advisors appointed: Busch and Lanane 1348