SCHOOLS, Officers and Employees (other than teachers)

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Name Description Status
SB 281 School administrator contracts. (S) Public Law 152 281
SB 390 Education matters. (S) Public Law 274 390
HB 1003 School corporation expenditure targets. (H) Public Law 161 1003
HB 1004 School safety. (H) Public Law 197 1004
HB 1072 Seizure preparedness. (H) First reading: referred to Committee on Education 1072
HB 1089 Education matters. (H) Public Law 241 1089
HB 1209 Discipline of coaches. (H) Public Law 169 1209
HB 1322 School safety. (H) First reading: referred to Committee on Veterans Affairs and Public Safety 1322
HB 1398 Information concerning threats to school safety. (H) Public Law 255 1398