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Name Description Status
HR 89 Honoring the University of Southern Indiana Chamber Choir and Conductor Daniel Craig, and congratulating the Chamber Choir on winning the 2018 Mayo International Choral Festival Premiere Competition. (H) First reading: adopted voice vote 89
HCR 51 Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Purdue University's "All-American" Marching Band at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's Indianapolis 500. (S) Returned to the House 51
SCR 61 Honoring IUPUI in celebration of its 50th anniversary. (H) Returned to the Senate 61
SCR 46 Congratulating the Ball State University Department of Journalism. (H) Returned to the Senate 46
SCR 38 Recognizing the University of Southern Indiana UNITE CubeSat project team. (H) Returned to the Senate 38