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Name Description Status
SB 230 Unlawful indemnity agreements. (S) Public Law 65 230
SB 595 Improper worker classification. (S) First reading: referred to Committee on Pensions and Labor 595
HB 1015 Various gaming matters. (H) Public Law 293 1015
HB 1128 Construction permits. (H) Public Law 125 1128
HB 1214 Construction managers as constructors. (H) Public Law 204 1214
HB 1266 Sediment and erosion control in construction. (H) Public Law 248 1266
HB 1412 Automated traffic control in construction zones. (H) First reading: referred to Committee on Roads and Transportation 1412
HB 1660 Public works study. (S) Senator Spartz added as advisor 1660