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Interim Study Committee on Public Health, Behavioral Health, and Human Services

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IC 2-5-1.3-4


Agenda for Oct. 18, 2018 12:30pm House Chamber
Exhibit Description
1 Surterra Wellness PowerPoint PDF icon
2 Surterra Handout PDF icon
3 Reuben Rutland, MD, MBA, PowerPoint PDF icon
4 Dr. Rueben Rutland's CV PDF icon
5 David Schwartz, MD, MBA PowerPoint PDF icon
6 Dr. David Schwartz's CV PDF icon
7 Written Statement from Doctors Langhorst, Griffin, Schwartz, Cooke, Patel, Dietz, Rutland, & Combelick PDF icon
8 Dr. Jeffrey Ferguson Testimony PDF icon
9 Jeff Staker Written Testimony PDF icon
10 IN NORML Statement PDF icon
11 Written Statement -Dr, Louis Profeta PDF icon
12 Written Statement - Dr. Robert Marske PDF icon
13 Mike Ripley Written Testimony PDF icon
14 Dr. Ed Gogek PowerPoint Presentation PDF icon
15 IN Commission to Combat Drug Abuse Minutes PDF icon
16 Traffic Safety Impacts of Marijuana Legalization PDF icon
17 Legalization of Marijuana in CO: The Impact PDF icon
18 IN Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics Letter PDF icon
19 Impact of Marijuana Legalization in Colorado PDF icon
20 Attorney General's Office Presentation PDF icon
21 Correspondence from the Attorney General PDF icon
22 Marijuana use graphics PDF icon
23 Association of IN Prosecuting Attorneys Letter PDF icon
24 Dr. Erich Weidenbener Letter PDF icon
25 CBD PowerPoint - Dr. Daniel Roth PDF icon
26 Medical Marijuana Proposed Findings & Recommendations PDF icon
Agenda for Sept. 27, 2018 12:30pm House Chamber
Exhibit Description
1 Facts on #Kill Heroin PDF icon
2 IN Assn for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence PDF icon
3 Division of Mental Health & Addiction Information PDF icon
4 Community Wellness Partners Infographic PDF icon
Agenda for Aug. 23, 2018 12:30pm House Chamber
Exhibit Description
1 Nurse Licensure Compact Fast Facts PDF icon
2 Letter from One Southern Indiana PDF icon
3 IN Nurse Licensure Statistics PDF icon
4 Letter from Greater Louisville, Inc. PDF icon
5 Letter - Chief Nursing Officer, Norton Healthcare PDF icon
6 Division of Family Resources Presentation PDF icon
7 FSSA Gateway to Work Presentation PDF icon
8 Foundation for Governmental Accountability PDF icon
9 Foundation for Governmental Accountability PDF icon
10 people of Faith for Access to Medicines PDF icon
11 SNAP Fast Facts PDF icon
12 Feeding Indiana's Hungry Presentation PDF icon
13 Indiana Institute for Working Families PDF icon