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Interim Study Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources

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IC 2-5-1.3-4


Agenda for Oct. 20, 2015 10:00am Senate Chamber
Exhibit Description
1 Comments on Purdue Hemp Program PDF icon
2 Hawkins' Response to ISDH Memo PDF icon
3 Cannabidiol & Epilepsy Research PDF icon
4 PD 3293 Medical Research Controlled Substances PDF icon
5 PD 3224 Poultry From Exempted Slaughter Operations PDF icon
Agenda for Sept. 23, 2015 10:00am Senate Chamber
Exhibit Description
1 IN Prosecuting Attorney's Council PowerPoint Presentation PDF icon
2 IN Prosecuting Attorney's Council Testimony PDF icon
3 Epilepsy Foundation PowerPoint Presentation PDF icon
4 Miriah Mirshon Testimony PDF icon
5 Miriah Mirshon PowerPoint Presentation PDF icon
6 Dr. Kelly Knupp Journal Article PDF icon
7 AES Position Statement on Medical Marijuana PDF icon
8 Lydia Hoop's Testimony PDF icon
9 Brian Bennett's Presentation PDF icon
10 ISDH Response to Poultry Inspection Question PDF icon
11 Dr. Kelly Knupp's Testimony PDF icon
12 Dr. Kelly Knupp's Presentation PDF icon
13 Lexington Herald-Leader Article PDF icon
14 Epilepsy Foundation Statement on Medical Marijuana PDF icon
15 Epilepsy Currents Article PDF icon
16 Dr. Jennifer Donaldson Testimony PDF icon
17 Dr. Trent Jones' Presentation PDF icon
Agenda for Aug. 25, 2015 10:00am Senate Chamber
Exhibit Description
1 IN Grown Marketing Brochure PDF icon
2 Jodee Ellett testimony PDF icon
3 Board of Animal Health Dairy Inspection Fact Sheet PDF icon
4 Board of Animal Health, Dairy Product Buyer's Guide PDF icon
5 Board of Animal Health, Sale of Meat & Poultry at Farmers Markets PDF icon
6 Board of Animal Health, Meat & Poultry Buyer's Guide PDF icon
7 Bob White, IN Farm Bureau, Testimony & Food Safety Modernization Act Presentation PDF icon
8 Hawkins Farms Presentation PDF icon
9 Indianapolis Star Article on Grocery Delivery Service PDF icon
10 Need for Healthy Food Financing Presentation PDF icon
11 American Heart Assn. Healthy Foods & Sample Legislation PDF icon
12 Amanda Shepherd Testimony PDF icon
13 Board of Animal Health, Small Dairy Processors Fact Sheet PDF icon