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IC 2-5-1.3-4


Agenda for Sept. 30, 2014 09:00am Room 404
Exhibit Description
1 Deduction and Exemption Summary PDF icon
2 Deduction, Exemption, and Credit History PDF icon
3 All Deductions PDF icon
4 All Deductions and Exemptions PDF icon
5 All Exemptions PDF icon
6 Blind Deduction PDF icon
7 Cemetery Exemption PDF icon
8 Charitable Exemption PDF icon
9 Disabled Deduction PDF icon
10 Education Exemption PDF icon
11 Fine Arts Exemption PDF icon
12 Fraternity and Sorority Exemptions PDF icon
13 Hospital Exemptions PDF icon
14 Hydroelectric and Geothermal Deductions PDF icon
15 Lake and Reservoir Exemption PDF icon
16 Literary Exemption PDF icon
17 Local Credits PDF icon
18 Low Income Elderly Deduction PDF icon
19 Low Income Housing Exemption PDF icon
20 Low income residence exemption PDF icon
21 Mortgage Deduction PDF icon
22 Personal Property Abatements PDF icon
23 Personal Property - EZ Deduction PDF icon
24 Real and Personal Property Abatements PDF icon
25 Real Property Abatements PDF icon
26 Real Property - EZ Deduction PDF icon
27 Rehabilitated Property Deduction PDF icon
28 Rehabilitated Residential Property Deduction PDF icon
29 Religious Exemption PDF icon
30 Scientific Exemption PDF icon
31 Service Connected Disabled Veterans Deduction PDF icon
32 Solar Energy and Wind-Powered Devices Deduction PDF icon
33 Specified Organizations Exemption PDF icon
34 Standard and Supplemental Standard Deduction PDF icon
35 Supplemental Standard Deduction PDF icon
36 Totally Disabled Veterans Deduction PDF icon
37 HB 1124-2014 PDF icon
38 Draft Final Report PDF icon
39 Strategies for Evaluating Tax Incentives PDF icon
40 How to Measure Economic Impact PDF icon
41 Indiana Letter.PEW PDF icon
42 HEA 1020 Status Report PDF icon
43 Tax Incentive Review Schedule PDF icon
44 Tax Incentive Descriptions PDF icon
45 Tax Incentive Fiscal Impact Estimates PDF icon
46 HEA 1020-2014 PDF icon
47 Homestead Deduction AIC PDF icon
48 Deduction Totals.AIC PDF icon
Agenda for Aug. 28, 2014 01:00pm Room 404
Exhibit Description
A September-October 2014 issue of Indiana Preservationist PDF icon
B Executive Summary of a report on the historic preservation tax credit by Mr. William Sheldrake of Policy Analytics PDF icon
C Legislative Services Agency Tax Credit Study on the historic rehabilitation tax credit program PDF icon
D Legislative Services Agency memo federal historic rehabilitation tax credit and the tax effect of a grant PDF icon
E Legislative Services Agency memo tax treatment of state grants and tax credits PDF icon
F Department of Insurance Testimony by Tina Korty, General Counsel PDF icon