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IC 2-5-1.3-4


Agenda for Oct. 15, 2014 10:00am Room 156-B
Exhibit Description
1 Mike Mettler, Indiana State Department of Health PDF icon
2 Jim vonMeier PDF icon
3 IDEM Annual Reports PDF icon
Agenda for Sept. 25, 2014 09:30am Room 404
Exhibit Description
1 Carey Hamilton-Indiana Recycling Coalition PDF icon
2 Paul Gardner-Recycling Reinvented PDF icon
3 Key Findings from the 2014 Cost Benefit Study PDF icon
4 The Way Forward in EPR PDF icon
5 North Carolina H.B. 949 of 2013 PDF icon
6 Extended Producer Responsibility Cost-Benefit Study PDF icon
7 Craig Cookson-American Chemistry Council PDF icon
8 Dan Garman-Rewards for Recycling PDF icon
9 Kevin Dietly-Northbridge Environmental PDF icon
10 Peter Walters-Ardagh Group PDF icon
11 Lynn Bragg-Glass Packaging Institute PDF icon
12 Central States Protective League of the Glass PDF icon
13 Paul England-Pratt Industries PDF icon
14 Steve Christman-Northeast Indiana Solid Waste Management District PDF icon
15 Terry Guerin-National Waste and Recycling Association, Indiana Chapter PDF icon
16 Deanna Durrett PDF icon
17 Gary Moody PDF icon
18 GPI Follow-Up Responses PDF icon