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Interim Study Committee on Energy, Utilities, and Telecommunications

Committee Information


IC 2-5-1.3-4


Agenda for Sept. 23, 2014 09:00am Senate Chamber
Exhibit Description
1 OUCC Presentation PDF icon
2 SUFG Presentation PDF icon
3 SUFG 2014 Renewable Resources Report PDF icon
4 IURC Presentation PDF icon
5 IURC 2014 Annual Report PDF icon
6 IURC 2014 Water Resources Report PDF icon
7 IURC DSM Report PDF icon
Agenda for Sept. 2, 2014 09:00am Senate Chamber
Exhibit Description
A Mayor Huck Lewis--Handout PDF icon
B David Dahl--Presentation PDF icon
C David Dahl--Handout PDF icon
D Barbara Simpson--Testimony PDF icon
E Mark Basch--Presentation PDF icon
F Thomas Easterly--Presentation PDF icon
G Craig Mortell--Presentation PDF icon
H Craig Mortell--Handout PDF icon
I Jeff Willman--Presentation PDF icon
J Connie Stevens--Handout PDF icon
K Jack Wittman, Ph.D.--Presentation PDF icon
L IURC Pipeline Safety Presentation PDF icon
M Peter Lidiak--Testimony PDF icon
N Paul Fallon--Presentation PDF icon
O Mark Drew--Handout #1 PDF icon
P Mark Drew--Handout #2 PDF icon
Q Guy McIntosh III--Resume PDF icon
R Guy McIntosh III--Handout PDF icon
S Robert Stewart--Testimony PDF icon
T Chuck Muller--Presentation PDF icon
U Brian Christenberry--Handout PDF icon
V Indiana Municipal Power Agency--Handout PDF icon
W Mayor Chuck Fewell--Testimony & Handout PDF icon
X Laura Arnold--Presentation PDF icon
Y Indiana Industrial Energy Consumers, Inc.--Presentation & Handout PDF icon
Z Mark Maassel--Presentation PDF icon