SCHOOLS, Health and Safety Issues

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Name Description Status
SB 85 School resource officers. (S) Public Law 30 85
SB 195 Student immunization. (S) First Reading: Referred to Health and Provider Services 195
SB 222 Student athlete concussions. (S) Public Law 34 222
SB 242 Model response protocols for schools. (S) First Reading: Referred to Homeland Security, Transportation, and Veterans Affairs 242
SB 245 Schools and auto-injectable epinephrine. (S) Signed by the Governor 245
SB 344 School building safety. (S) Public Law 36 344
HB 1012 School safety levy and school protection officers. (H) First Reading: Referred to Ways and Means 1012
HB 1098 School safety training. (H) First Reading: Referred to Education 1098
HB 1173 Insurance for student athletes. (H) Coauthored by Representative Shackleford 1173
HB 1204 Various education and school matters. (H) Signed by the Governor 1204
HB 1236 HPV education. (H) First Reading: Referred to Education 1236
HB 1290 Health of student athletes. (H) Signed by the President Pro Tempore 1290
HB 1352 Various education matters. (H) First Reading: Referred to Education 1352