Constitutional Requirements

"The sessions of the General Assembly shall be held at the capitol of the State"
-Article 4, Section 9

"The State House, also known as the State Capitol, stands on land called the Indianapolis Donation, granted by the U.S. Congress on 11 December 1816, when Indiana became the 19th State admitted to the Union. The present State House is the fifth location to serve as the capitol of Indiana. In 1877, a Board of State House Commissioners was created to complete construction of a new capitol at a cost not to exceed $2 million. The Board selected architect Edwin May's plan for a new capitol, dubbed "Lucidus Ordo" (Latin for "a clear arrangement"), from among more than two dozen other proposals. Construction began in October 1878. The exterior of the building was completed on 3 July 1886. The General Assembly held its first Session in the new State House on 6 January 1887." From Indiana Department of Administration 'The Indiana State Capitol' (1998)